MinusTax is an informative and resource sharing online-platform which encourages and facilitates self-learning with respect to Indian Taxation, Revenue and Company law related legal matters.

Taxation, Revenue and Company law related subjects and issues are generally complex in nature and subject to constant flux and change. To analyze their effect and measure the monetary, commercial and sometimes penal or punitive impact on the relevant person requires diligent monitoring and a specialized understanding of the said subjects. This important and intellectually challenging task is what MinusTax undertakes and the knowledge and information so gained is shared via its website and blog to constantly inform and educate the reader.

MinusTax’ Taxation, Revenue and Company law professionals provide the complete spectrum of services (including via the e-medium i.e. email, skype, whatsapp etc) which include —

  • Professional Legal, Taxation, Revenue and Company law Advisory Services
  • Drafting Legal Documents/Agreements/Applications/Appeals/Writs/Notice Reply etc.
  • e-Filing Documents/Information/Appeals/Applications/e-Forms etc.
  • Incorporation/Registration of Entities
  • Legal Representation before Adjudicatory/Appellate/Writ Courts and Authority
  • Other Ancillary Help and Services

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MinusTax Professionals

MinusTax network of independent professionals^ specialise in Taxation, Company Law and Revenue matters, undertake ethical, transparent and professional practices.

^Please note that MinusTax and its legal representatives have no revenue (professional fee) sharing agreements with the professionals on the MinusTax network with respect to services provided by the latter and the “network” is not a legally binding association. This ensures absolute integrity and the absence of any conflict of interest.

High quality and prompt legal solutions for Taxation, Company law and Revenue related matters and issues are relatively expensive and generally difficult to access, especially on an urgent basis. MinusTax seeks to address this significant problem by requiring its network of professionals to charge ethically guided, reasonable and preferably, fixed fees for their services, along with a transparent fee structure.

MinusTax facilitates access to professional help in the specialised legal fields of Taxation, Revenue and Company Law through its “MinusTax Professionals” and “Need Tax Help?” e-forms.

Free Help or Request a Quote

If the service-seeker requests for a professional fees quote, or requests the said help/service for free, then it is left to the complete and unconditional discretion of the concerned MinusTax professionals to either provide their help/service for free or quote an amount in return for the same, which in the latter case, can be considered for acceptance by the service-seeker.

Fees Agreement

Where the service-seeker and the concerned MinusTax professional agree to the exact quantum (if any) of the said professional fees and details of the service/help in return for the same, both the said parties can then directly interact for all further purposes with no further involvement of MinusTax.

Access to MinusTax’ information and knowledge on Taxation, Company law and Revenue subjects as shared and published on its website and blog is free. To ensure you receive MinusTax’ latest informative and researched work, please subscribe to MinusTax through the link at the footer of the page and connect with us on twitter, google+ and linkedIn.

Quick e-Services

MinusTax professionals through the use of technology and by complementing the e-Governance/administrative initiatives taken by the relevant authorities in these said fields of law, provide a wide range of services. Some of these services can also be relatively instantaneously and efficiently communicated or provided via e-mediums to the help/service-seeker irrespective of any georgraphical distance, and have been listed below. (For access to ‘Quick e-Services’ please click the “MinusTax Professionals” red banner below and fill-up/submit the pop-up form)

  • Get answers to questions/queries on Taxation, Revenue or Company Law or Seek Professional advice
  • Get Legal Document/Appeal/Application etc. Professionally Drafted and/or Vetted
  • Engage Legal/Authorised Representatives
  • Any other professional help/advice/service on Taxation, Revenue or Company matters and related laws
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Picture 2Anand Chaudhuri is an advocate member of the Delhi High Court Bar Association (DHCBA), the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and is also admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of NSW (Australia). He specialises in tax litigation and advisory services and ancillary areas of law, including providing a legal defence against tax, revenue and economic offences. To oversee the currency, relevancy and quality of the published information and content on Minustax’ website and blog, he provides probono editorial and administrative assistance and also shares his own researched and specialised articles on Income Tax and Goods & Services Tax subjects through the blog.

To read more about him, access his LinkedIn profile

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For administrative assistance and general queries, please feel free to contact via —
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Need Tax Help?
Need Tax Help?