Statutory/Regulatory/Policy Compliance and E-Filing

Indian Corporate, Taxation and Revenue laws and policies are complex as well as compliance heavy. The latter is progressively becoming easier and faster through e-Governance and administrative measures by the relevant authorities, such as availability of e-Filing services of documents/applications/e-Forms/information.

MinusTax’ legal, Taxation, Revenue and Company law professionals via the e-medium (i.e. email, skype, whatsapp etc) provide the complete spectrum of services that include —

  • Incorporation/Registration of Entities/Organizations/Persons
  • Drafting essential legal documents/agreements/applications
  • e-Filing documents/information/applications and e-Forms
  • Strategic Legal, Taxation, Revenue and Company law advisory services
  • Expert legal assessment and analysis of the order/notice etc. to be appealed/replied/objected to
  • Professionally drafting and filing an Appeal before the relevant Appellate Authority
  • Legal representation before the relevant Appellate/Writ/Adjudicatory Authority (optional)
  • Drafting and filing Writ Petition (where appropriate) and legal representation before the jurisdictional High Court etc.

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Listed below are some focus areas where MinusTax’ professionals specialise to facilitate compliance and provide dispute resolution services, if and when required.

Revision and Rectification

As an alternative to pursuing income tax appeals as above mentioned or where such an avenue for appeal may not be available under the Act, an application for ‘Revision of Other Orders’ under section 264 of the Act and/or ‘Rectification of Mistake’ under section 154 of the Act may be made (if grounds satisfied under the Act) to obtain relief from adverse orders or circumstances.

> Read more/Apply for ‘Revision’ (Section 264) and/or ‘Rectification’ (Section 154)

GST Registration

Every person (Taxable Person) who is liable to be registered under Schedule V of the Draft Model GST Law (the Draft Act, as revised), is required to apply for registration in every State in which he/she/it is so liable, within 30 days from the date on which such liability is incurred. A person having multiple business verticals in a State may obtain a separate registration for each business vertical, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.

> Read more/Apply for ‘GST Registration/Migration’

Content under review. Update soon.

Content under review. Update soon.

Administrative Help

For administrative assistance and general queries, please feel free to contact via —
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Need Tax Help?
Need Tax Help?